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IPOK Bundle

IPOK Bundle

Nightfall Solutions

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Prepare yourself for any situation with our Tactical Medical Response Bundle, a meticulously crafted collection of three high-performance products designed to empower you with the tools needed for immediate injury care. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, a first responder, or simply value personal safety, this bundle ensures you're equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

  1. Defense Mechanisms Direct Injury Care Pouch: The cornerstone of the bundle, the Direct Injury Care Pouch, is a versatile carrying solution designed to accommodate essential items. Engineered with individual medical care in mind, it also serves as a multipurpose pouch suitable for various scenarios. With three sizes available, the D.I.C. Pouch caters to your specific needs. The innovative mounting solution allows direct attachment to your plate carrier using hook and loop, or it can be secured to your belt. Additionally, when paired with our D.I.C. Pouch Strap System, it transforms into a standalone fanny pack. The pouch's interior can be organized with ease using our Medical Pouch Insert for swift access during urgent moments. Noteworthy features include loop Velcro lining for secure content placement, a wide-mouth opening for quick accessibility, internal gussets preventing the pouch from opening past 90 degrees, and four elastic loops for retaining items like sharpies, glow sticks, and more. The pouch also boasts a 2" x 3" loop panel for ID patches and a unique attachment system that enables various mounting options.

  2. Defense Mechanisms Medical Pouch Insert: Elevate your Direct Injury Care Pouch or our Multi-Function Pouch (Medium and Large sizes) with the Medical Pouch Insert. Designed to maximize organization and speed up access, this insert features elastic pockets for secure storage of essential medical items. The rapid access ejection feature drastically reduces deployment time, while the laser-cut handles guarantee effortless retrieval from your Direct Injury Care Pouch. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your chosen pouch, this insert transforms it into a well-organized medical hub.

  3. North American Rescue Individual Patrol Officer Kit (IPOK): The IPOK, meticulously crafted by North American Rescue, is a compact and cost-effective hemorrhage control kit designed specifically for treating bleeding from traumatic injuries. Engineered for convenience, these kits fit into BDU pockets, vest pouches, or individual bags, ensuring that personnel can carry a compact bleeding control kit on their person. The contents are vacuum-sealed within a durable package featuring NAR's Red Tip Technology® signature red tear notches, ensuring easy access in critical moments.

Choose from two configurations:

80-0167 Configuration:

  • 1 pair Black Talon® Nitrile Trauma Gloves, lg.
  • 1 C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®) Black
  • 1 S-rolled Gauze (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd.)
  • 1 Flat ETD™ 4 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
80-0168 Configuration:
  • 1 pair Black Talon® Nitrile Trauma Gloves, lg.
  • 1 C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®) Black
  • 1 Wound Packing Gauze (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
  • 1 Flat ETD™ 4 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing

Elevate your readiness and ensure your ability to respond swiftly with the Tactical Medical Response Bundle. Invest in your safety today and be prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

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