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Every mission, every task force, and every individual have unique protection requirements. This often necessitates tailored armor plates, specifically designed in accordance with prevalent test standards. Moreover, when integrating these plates with soft solutions, certification becomes paramount.

Integris recognizes this intricate need, ensuring our ballistic armor and vest plates are developed and certified to meet rigorous standards, providing peace of mind to the wearer. As one of the largest providers of hard body armor plates globally, Integris provides a large portfolio of plates certified in accordance with prevalent standards such as NIJ 0101.04, NIJ 0101.06, VPAM, as well as numerous national standards.

Protection against 5.45x39 7N6 (MSC)
5.56x45 M193
7.62x39 PS BALL (MSC)
7.62x39 API BZ
5.56x45 M855 (GREEN TIP)
5.56x45 M855A1
Protection standard  Special Threat
Shape SAPI 
Thickness 1.52 cm / 0.6"
Weight 1.950 kg / 4.3 lb
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